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I've never been more disappointed in me You could have stopped it you could have Why'd you think, why'd you think, why'd you only think about yourself I can't feel my body anymore It’s not over I can't promise you that You've never had her I can promise you that These bruises aren't gonna heal These open wounds are what I am to you But I really can't expect you to reciprocate these thoughts in my mind No one's ever alone Just close your eyes and imagine none of this ever happened to you You're so scared you're so tired you've had it Just once more shot and you'll be done with this forever And now it’s over I've said my apologies to you Just one more shot and you'll be fine I can promise you that You said that everything would stay the same You said that everything would be ok You said that nothing’s ever going to change I guess you lied to me and to yourself Now thing’s are different we’re getting drunk a lot earlier These vices don’t mean the same as they used to I’m sure there perfectly good reasoning for all of this Why don’t you go back home and stick to your curfew All you do is run away From your problems from your friends From the people you’re supposed to make amends with All you do is run away It’s time to grow up You’re not that good at lying anyway We can start at 3pm and don’t stop till the next morning We’d forget our names So you can be tyler and I’ll be marla Don’t care about the world let’s just Be tired and lazy we can think about this tomorrow Procrastination leads to procreation With the taste of you on the tip of my tongue I feel terrible about what my life has become But it’s good it’s great actually We can always regret this tomorrow You’ll be my anchor forever and always 20 missed calls on my i Phone, tweets ignored can I deactivate myself?

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my roommate about this, and he suggested that my Middle Eastern name might be the reason for fewer matches.The search for the plane with 239 people on board has been widened westward from the Gulf of Thailand toward the Indian Ocean.A US official has told the Associated Press that the plane sent signals to a satellite for about four hours after it lost radar contact with air traffic controllers a week ago.So I did a little experiment: I changed my name from "Ahmad" to "Nick." Everything else was the same (the bio, pictures, age, height, etc.). I am the “25-year-old dude who loathes online dating.” The reader’s response to my email is interesting.

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To better the chances of getting a yes when you ask for a first date, stay flexible, keep things light, and use these tips: When you’re on a date, flirting is a delightful way to make your date — and you, for that matter — feel irresistible and tingly all over.

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Every day 100's of people are injured, raped or killed across the country as a result from alcohol.

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Charlton is accused of murdering and dismembering Lyne and then driving her body parts to downtown Seattle, where various remains, including a head and a foot, were discovered in a recycling bin April 9.