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The specification consists of a series of tests, procedures for the tests, and acceptance criteria.

These tests and procedures require the use of official USP Reference Standards.

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This proposes that the Persians, after their conquest of Babylon in 538 BCE, agreed to grant Jerusalem a large measure of local autonomy within the empire, but required the local authorities to produce a single law code accepted by the entire community.

Because the action of the primeval story is not represented as taking place on the plane of ordinary human history and has so many affinities with ancient mythology, it is very far-fetched to speak of its narratives as historical at all." Although tradition attributes Genesis to Moses, biblical scholars hold that it, together with the following four books (making up what Jews call the Torah and biblical scholars call the Pentateuch), is "a composite work, the product of many hands and periods." A common hypothesis among biblical scholars today is that the first major comprehensive draft of the Pentateuch was composed in the late 7th or the 6th century BCE (the Jahwist source), and that this was later expanded by the addition of various narratives and laws (the Priestly source) into a work very like the one existing today.

The two sources appear in reverse chronological order: Genesis 1:1–2:3 is Priestly and Genesis 2:4 is Jahwistic.

18 Thinking About Your Process 22 EXERCISE 1.4 Literacy Narrative Collage 22 Writing Creatively, Writing Critically: A Process of Writing 23 EXERCISE 1.5 Alternating Currents of Thought: Generating and Judging 25 Thinking and Writing Dialectically 26 INQUIRING INTO THE DETAILS Organizing Your Computer Files 27 Opening Questions 29 Questions, Creativity, and Critical Thinking: A Strategy for Inquiry 30 EXERCISE 1.6 Writing with the Wrong Hand and Other Ways of Thinking About Yourself as a Writer 32 THEWRITING PROCESS 35 Inquiry Project: The Writing Literacy Memoir 35 SAMPLE STUDENT ESSAY Bernice Olivas, Writing a New path 36 EXERCISE 1.7 Taking a Reflective Turn 38 Using What You Have Learned 39 CHAPTER 2 READING AS INQUIRY 41 Motives for Reading 42 Beliefs About Reading 43 EXERCISE 2.1 What Do You Believe?

43 ONE STUDENT’S RESPONSE Briana’s Journal 44 Reading Situations and Rhetorical Choices 45 ONE STUDENT’S RESPONSE Briana’s Journal 47 EXERCISE 2.2 Reading Autobiography 50 Reading as a Process 51 Reading to Write 51 Goal-Directed Reading 53 EXERCISE 2.3 What Do You Know and When Did You Know It?

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In other words, we have a ‘clock’ which starts ticking at the moment something dies.

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