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The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life. We’re better at the arcane arts than anyone else pledging this week and that’s what they’re all about. ” We arrived at the Kay Zeta’s sorority house a short time later. “Your sophistication astounds.” “It’s a gift,” I said. The intensity peaked, then dipped, then peaked again. Our helpless pleasure-fest lasted for just over a minute.

If you enjoyed this story, please be aware that I write under the name Chrystal Wynd as well as the name Dark Wynd.“So, Nicole,” said my friend Alice, “do you think we’ve been accepted by the Kay Zetas to be in their sorority? Heck, we’re probably better than half the members they already have.” “Well, I hope so,” said Alice. As we entered, a girl selected two envelopes from the table next to the door. “Now, as you know, there’s only two openings,” said Millicent, “and there are four of you. So, we’re extending pledge week by a few more days, until Wednesday.” “Okay,” I said. ” “What it means,” said Millicent, “is that you have the next couple days to show us why we should choose you rather than the others. “Following us around isn’t going to help you, you know.” “No worries there,” said Tara, leaning on our table. When the final tendrils of intensity finally misted away, Alice and I were drenched in sweat. Every single customer and employee stared at us incredulously.

“I mean, the Kay Zetas are almost as big as the Kitty Psis here at Chrystal Heights University.” “We’ll find out soon enough,” I said, “since we’re on our way there now.” “I know, I know,” said Alice. One had my name on the front; the other had Alice’s. “We just wanted to let you know that you two little no-talents have no chance against us.” Tara and Bit snapped their fingers in unison, and suddenly there was an audible pop and a small ball of brightly colored smoke exploded over the table, making us jump. Then I pretended to leisurely check my watch and made shooing motions with my other hand.

“They’ll be announcing the selections shortly,” said the girl, handing each of us our envelope.

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DALnet has always considered the well being of its users to be of paramount importance.

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That would have been the end of the case right there, proof it couldn't...

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